Qualification requirements :

-Higher legal education in Poland.

-Work by specialty experience – 5-7 years. Preference – work in a legal company, legal support of economic activities.

-Knowledge of English, Polish, Ukrainian (priority).

-Ability to work with regulation (legislative) bases of Poland.

-Good knowledge of the structure, competence and powers of state and local authorities and courts in Poland.

-Good knowledge of civil, administrative, land, urban planning and ecologic legislation of Poland.

-Knowledge and experience of application of the energy legislation of Poland, particularly in the sphere of regulation of electric energy from renewable sources.

-Experience of establishment and support of legal entities.

-Experience of search, processing and analysis of information.

Job functions:

-Support of activities of the group of companies in Poland involved in the establishment of energy facilities from RES, including those of the developer and the construction company (EPC).

-Communication with governmental and management authorities, natural monopolies. Submission and consideration of requests and applications.

-Foundation and termination of legal entities, change of the directors of legal entities, work with registers of legal entities.

-Monitoring and analysis of the Polish law, including the perspective one.

-Contractual work, including on land lease agreements, grid connection agreements, work contracts, supply contracts etc.

-Support of activities of conclusion and termination of employment contracts. Consultation on the labor legislation of Poland.

-Representation of the companies of the Group before third parties.

We offer:

-Interesting and dynamic work;

-Getting the possibility to develop and improve the acquired knowledge;

-Official employment for a good salary;

-Becoming part of our corporate culture;

-Participation in corporate celebrations;

-Work in a cool team of professionals!

Контакти HR-відділу:


+38 (032) 23-23-806